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Robert Gippin

Executive Vice President:
Denise Woods

Administrative Vice President:
Sherrie Weitzenhof

Executive Secretary:
Kathy Arthur

Recording Secretary:
Guy Marentette

Mike Kaplan

Assistant Treasurer:
Leslie Potts

Diana Orendi
Maureen Paulett
Tom Schmida

Ingrid Kunstel

Issues & Education:
Steve Cochran

Leadership Development:
Sarah Rubens

Derrick Hall



Labor Issues Team


In keeping with our mission statement to create a more just society that supports equal economic opportunity, social justice, and an equitable distribution of the wealth, SCPD members support strong unions and effective collective bargaining rights.

SB 5, a bill that would restrict or prohibit collective bargaining for public employees in Ohio, was passed by Governor Kasich and the GOP majority in the Ohio Senate in March. SCPD is committed to repealing this law which would damage the lives of hundreds of thousands of middle class families in Ohio. SB 5 will appear as Issue 2 on the November ballot. SCPD urges all voters to vote NO on Issue 2 in November. For more information turn to We Are Ohio, a community-base organization founded for the purpose of repealing SB 5.      http://weareohio.com/


Our Next Meeting


Join SCPD PAC on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 5:30 pm at the Akron-Summit Main Library, 60 S. High St., Akron. There's free parking in the attached deck.

We hope to see you there!


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